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C.E.T. Finger Brush
Our Price: $5.99
Maxi/Guard OraZn 2oz
Our Price: $6.99
Soft, gentle, and easy to use, the unique patented shape is designed for the limited confines C.E.T. Finger Brush. These fit on your finger, making it easy to reach into your pet's mouth. 12gm toothpaste sample. Neutralized Zinc. Cleanses & Freshens Without Brushing. Taste Free, Chlorhexidine Free, Natural
DentAcetic Natural Dental Gel Dental Scraper #6 Breathalyser PLUS Water Additive
Dental Scaler #6 (J-42j)
List Price: $8.99
Our Price: $7.99
Sale Price: $7.99
You save $1.00!
A patent-pending acetic acid tooth and gum gel with sodium
hexametaphosphate. The former creates a multifunctional dental product
that degreases better, brightens teeth and has excellent antimicrobial
effects with fewer side effects (it does not stain). The sodium
hexametaphosphate prevents tartar and calculi formation.
Stainless Steel Breathalyser PLUS Water Additive, by Ceva Animal Health Inc., is a convenient home care dental solution for pet owners unable, or unwilling to use other direct
ChloraZinc Chlorhexidine Rinse 8oz MAXI/GUARD ORAL CLEANING GEL Maxi/Guard Oral Cleansing Spray 4oz
ChloraZinc Chlorhexidine Rinse, by VetOne, is a highly palatable antimicrobial formula with Chlorhexidine and Zinc for reducing plaque and freshening breath in dogs An oral cleansing gel that cleanses and freshens with or without brushing. An oral cleansing spray that cleanses and freshens with or without brushing. This is a safe, natural and
C.E.T. ORAL HYGIENE KIT Dental Tartar Scraper Canine Dental Mirror 22mm Diameter
Canine Dental Tartar Scraper - Triangular (J-42a)
List Price: $12.98
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You save $2.99!
Dental Mirror 22mm Diameter
List Price: $21.50
Our Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $11.99
You save $9.51!
Contains 70 GM of seafood toothpaste, fingerbrush and a toothbrush. A great way to start your pet's Stainless steel, 5 3/4 in., Triangular Head Stainless steel, 22 MM. long.
Breathalyser C.E.T. TOOTHPASTE C.E.T Chlorhex 0.12% Rinse 8oz
BreathaLyser Plus is a convenient homecare dental solution for clients unable or unwilling to use direct application methods to maintain good oral hygiene for their dogs or cats. Toothpaste for dogs and cats is designed for pets who are rapid plaque formers. The tarter control For use on dogs, cats and horses between dental visits to help reduce inflammation and bleeding at the
Curette Double Ended Subgingival C.E.T AquaDent Dental Tartar Scraper Canine
Curette Double Ended Subgingival
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $18.99
You save $2.96!
C.E.T AquaDent 500ml
Our Price: $20.99
Canine Double-Ended Tartar Scraper
List Price: $39.59
Our Price: $25.29
Sale Price: $25.29
You save $14.30!
Gracey style. Subgingival curette for important removal of necrotic debris below the gumline. Often C.E.T. AquaDent Dental Drinking Water Additive was formulated by veterinary dental specialists to help Stainless steel, 6 3/4 in., double-sided.
CET Toothbrush Pet Multi-color C.E.T Flurafom 5.5oz (Fluoride) OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel (10) 8 Week Treatment
OraVet Plaque Prevention Gel (10) 8 Week Treatment
List Price: $202.99
Our Price: $190.49
Sale Price: $190.49
You save $12.50!
Small end reverse angle and soft bristles make this an ideal puppy or cat toothbrush. Removes plaque 1.23% acidulated phosphate fluoride in a dynamic, easy to use, foam delivery system. Provides quick OraVet significantly reduces plaque and tartar formation by creating an invisible barrier that prevents

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