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Florentero contains 4 probiotic bacterial strains are mico-encapsulated through patented technologies or are present as naturally resistant spores. Florentero is therefore resistant to enviornmental heat & humidity, gastric acids and biliary secretions. Guaranteed 1 billion CFU per tab/2ml of product six months after expiry. Florentero is ideal for use with travel induced stress, dietary changes, prolonged antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy & GI tract upsets. Florentero is safe in dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets & rodents. Easy to administer, palatable chew tabs or dial-a-dose paste.

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138-036298 Florentero Paste, 15ML
$ 14.99
138-038026 Florentero Tablets 120ct.
$ 49.99 (Out of Stock)
138-036297 Florentero Tablets 30ct
$ 14.99
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Extended Information:
What is the intestinal microflora of dogs and cats?
The intestinal microflora is a complex ecosystem made up of a large population of various bacterial species, some of which live in the intestinal lumen, while others adhere to the intestinal wall. The common characteristic of these bacterial populations is the lack of pathogenicity towards the host; they are actually necessary for protecting the host against other pathogenic bacteria.
What is a prebiotic?
The term prebiotic generally indicates a non-digestible dietary component which, through fermentation process, exerts a positive influence on the host organism by selectively stimulating growth and activities of one or more saprophyte bacterial species. The main prebiotics are FOS and MOS.
What is a probiotic? The term probiotic generally indicates a vital bacterial supplement which, through intestinal microflora modulation, exerts beneficial effects on the GI tract and positively influences the host organism’s biological functions.
What is the Symbiotic concept of Florentero®? The concept of symbiosis derives from the combined administration of prebiotics and probiotics. Survival, colonization, and beneficial effects of exogenous probiotics can be enhanced and increased by the simultaneous administration of prebiotics that are utilized by the probiotics in the intestinal tract.
How does this symbiotic relationship work? Symbiotics favor the strengthening of vital capacities of the probiotic species because, as a result of their combination, the fermentable substrate needed for a rapid intestinal microbial colonization becomes immediately available. Symbiotics act synergistically also in controlling pathogenic bacterial proliferation.
Why should I choose Florentero® instead of another product?
The symbiotic effect of Florentero® ensures a faster and more elevated replication and enteric colonization of probiotic factors, a stronger local immune response, and quick restoration of intestinal homeostasis. Relative to these effects, Florentero® acts in controlling diarrhea in 24-48 hours.
How does Florentero® acts on intestinal pathogenic bacteria?
Florentero® controls and inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria through three different mechanisms:
➢ lowering the intestinal pH
➢ producing antibiotic-like substances named “bacteriocins”
➢ effectively antagonizing pathogen colonization in a competitive manner
When does my pet need Florentero®?
Florentero® is recommended during weaning, in cases of intestinal dysmicrobism with or without diarrhea, in immunosupressed subjects, and in cases of food intolerance and hypersensitivity.
Could Florentero® be useful in kennel situations?
Yes, because of its capacity to stimulate a stronger local immune response in potentially immunosupressed subjects.
Can I administer Florentero® to rabbits and ferrets?
Yes. The oral paste formulation of Florentero® is well suited for rabbits and ferrets: it is safe because lactose-free, it quickly restores the intestinal homeostasis and its administration is very easy due to the graduated syringe and the high palatability of the product.
For how long shall I administer Florentero®?
The common duration of administration is 7-10 days. It could be prolonged according to the veterinarian’s decision based on the patient’s clinical condition and the type of pathology (acute or chronic). # Is Florentero® safe? Yes, Florentero® is completely safe and devoid of side effects.
When should I use the tablets or the oral paste?
Tablets are indicated for dogs of each size, oral paste is better suited for cats, puppies rabbits and ferrets.
How do I store Florentero®?
Florentero® can be stored at room temperature and does not need to be refrigerated. How can I administer Florentero®? Florentero®’s palatability makes its administration easy. In difficult patients it may be administered with a small portion of food; thanks to the high resistance of its probiotic strains to gastric and biliary secretions, Florentero®’s efficacy is not affected by the digestive process.

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