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GreenClean Tablets and Granulars
GreenClean Tablets and Granulars
GreenClean Tablets and Granulars

GreenClean Tablets® are an environmentally-friendly, pre-measured algaecide tablet, that control a broad range of algal problems in farm waters. An effective maintenance product, GreenClean Tablets eliminate algae-causing conditions: keeping water clean through a highly effective oxidation reaction. GreenClean Tablets have a slow-release formula that controls algae for an extended period of time, ensuring clean water through one easy, throw-and-go application.
  • EPA Registered
  • No Measuring Required
  • Alternative to Copper and Chlorine Chemicals
  • Effective Over a Wide Range of pH Conditions
  • Reduces Organic Build-up and Noxious Odors
  • Can be Applied to Water Containing Fish and Aquatic Life

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1059-LX001G GreenClean 8lb Granular
1059-LX001T GreenClean 8lb Tablets
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GreenClean Tablets are a preventative treatment for algae control. Use GreenClean Tablets all season long for continued algae maintenance. For best results, use when water is freshly cleaned of existing algae infestations and apply on a weekly basis.
• Add tablet(s) according to the recommended application rates. When using more than one tablet in an application, distribute the tablets evenly throughout the water body.
• Apply early in the day under calm, sunny conditions, and when water temperatures are warm.
• Skim any dead algae and organic matter that rises to the water’s surface after treatment. Allowing dead organics to sink and decay will provide a food source and additional nutrients that stimulate algae re-growth and further blooms.
• For algae flare-ups or spot treatments, use GreenClean or GreenCleanPRO Granular Algaecide. Wait at least 72 hours to apply GreenClean Tablets before or after GreenClean or GreenCleanPRO Granular Algaecide applications. If using in
conjunction with other water additives (such as bacteria or enzymes) always apply GreenClean Tablets first, and wait 48 hours before adding any other products.

Application Rate
200           1
400           2
600           3
800           4
1,000         5
1,200         6

Extended Information:
GreenClean Tablets are an ideal component for stock water algae control programs. Clean, algae-free water encourages more water consumption, promoting animal growth, weight gain, and general health. GreenClean Tablets also control and prevent a broad spectrum of algae found in many aquatic environments around the farm including:
Ponds, Lakes, Lagoons, Fish Ponds, Impounded Waters, Standing Water, Bilge Water, Reservoir Water, Waterways, Conveyance Ditches, Canals, Laterals, Drainage Systems, Irrigation Ponds, Catch Basins, Flooded Areas, Sewage Systems, Drain Fields, Fire Ponds, Watering Tanks, Storage Tanks, and Water Collectors.

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