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Stanfield Heat Pads
Stanfield Heat Pads
Stanfield Heat Pads

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Stanfield Heat Pads provide safe, reliable heat for kennels, zoos, serious hobbyists, and commercial breeders of reptiles, amphibians and other animals. They are the safest, most economical way to promote good health and growth. Heat controls are also available for setting and maintaining specific temperature levels.
Available Models:

Heat Pad Model






PP1B3 1.0x3.0 30x91 Rectangle 80
PP1B4 1.0x4.0 30x122 Rectangle 100
PP1B5 1.0x5.0 30x152 Rectangle 140
PP1824 1.5x2.0 46x61 Rectangle 95
PP120 2.3x2.3x3.5 70x70x107 Triangle 90
PP203 1.96x2.8 60x85 Rectangle 125
PP303 3.0x3.0 91x91 Rectangle 200
PP304 3.0x4.0 91x122 Rectangle 260
PP306 3.0x6.0 91x183 Rectangle 400

Item# Item Name List Price Our Price Sale Price Qty Add
639-FH-PP1200 Model PP120
$ 187.50
639-FH-PP1824 Model PP1824
$ 161.50
639-FH-PP1B30 Model PP1B3
$ 132.90
639-FH-PP1B40 Model PP1B4
$ 148.50
639-FH-PP1B50 Model PP1B5
$ 167.99
639-FH-PP2030 Model PP203
$ 199.25
639-FH-PP3030 Model PP303
$ 251.25
639-FH-PP304 Model PP304
$ 318.89
639-FH-PP3060 Model PP306
$ 375.75
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Today, Stanfield Heat Pads feature even safer, more durable heating elements and a stronger fiberglass-reinforced composite pad material far superior to the flammable plastics competitors use. Along with worldwide popularity, Stanfield Heat Pads have earned UL, CE, and CSA certification. To ensure unrivaled performance and your satisfaction, we manufacture them under an audited ISO 9001 quality management program and provide the best warranty in the industry.

Extended Information:

Stanfield® Heat Pad Instructions

For Use with Pets including Dogs, Cats, and Other Small Mammals

And for Turtles, Tortoises, Snakes and Other Reptiles


Stanfield® Heat Pads have been used for over a quarter century by farmers and pet owners to deliver comfort and warmth safely to small animals of all types. Stanfield Heat Pads are durably engineered to deliver many years of satisfactory service for most animals if prudently and carefully used according to the following instructions. Please read these instructions carefully to avoid accidents or injury to animals.



Stanfield Heat Pads must be anchored in a dry, well-drained location, using the predrilled holes. Additional anchor holes can be drilled AROUND THE OUTER MARGIN IN THE PREDIMPLED LOCATORS ONLY. Drilling holes anywhere else can damage the heating element. Always install the heat pad so that the power cords are protected from the animals. A cover such as the F152 Cord Shield or alternative conduit is recommended to provide protection from chewing damage or abrasion. Damage to the cords caused by insufficient protection is not covered by warranty and may result in hazardous electric shock. Always connect to a 110-120 VAC power outlet protected by a ground fault interrupter (GFI) circuit because in the presence of animals the heat pad can be exposed to water, urine, or other liquids.



Stanfield Heat Pads do not use an internal thermostat. At full rated input voltage, Stanfield Heat Pads operate at a temperature of about 30 to 35 deg F (16 to 20 deg C) above the ambient surrounding air temperature. CAUTION: Use of a heat pad control is recommended to set the temperature of the heat pad, e.g. the Stanfield Heat Pad Control Model F911 or a System Control Model F920A or F920D for multiple heat pads. For best accuracy, you can check the actual operating temperature, using the Stanfield Temp Probe™ Infrared Thermometer, Model FEPP1200 Always allow about 30 minutes between adjustments for the heat pad to attain its normal operating temperature.


For puppies, baby calves, lambs, and other hair-covered or fur-bearing juvenile animals, always use heat pad temperature controls to establish the best temperature for each species of animal. Too much heat may cause injuries for some animals. A heat pad should only be gently warm. For mature dogs or other large hair-covered or fur-bearing animals, a heat pad may benefit the animal best as a space heater, e.g. the heat pad can be affixed to the interior back wall of the animal shelter to provide gentle warmth. The

mature animal will lie next to the heat pad when cold conditions prevail or away from it during milder conditions. Lying directly on the heat pad may not be comfortable for mature animals. Always provide alternative lying space if the heat pad is part of the floor.

For snakes, lizards, turtles, and other reptiles, always control the temperature accurately with controls and the Temp Probe for reproduction to occur effectively.

If non-use of the heat pad is observed or the heat pad is cool to the palm of the hand or when checked with a Temp Probe or other surface thermometer, check the following:


A. Is electrical power applied to the heat pad?

1. If the GFI has tripped, then disconnect the heat pad from power and visually check for damage to the heat pad or the power cord. If no damage is found, then reset the GFI and reapply power. If the GFI trips again, take the heat pad out of service and return to Osborne Customer Service for inspection and repair.

2. If the GFI is OK, then check the outlet with another electrical device, e.g. a lamp, to ensure that power is applied to the outlet.

3. Check the power plug for corrosion.


B. If the heat pad is warm, but animals are not using it, check for drafts in the area compared to the area where they do lay. Change ventilation to reduce draft to an acceptable level.


C. If the animals are restless or lie next to the heat pad, but not on it, or use it only intermittently, the heat pad may be too warm. Reduce temperature until the animals rest comfortably. Always keep your heat pad clean and dry for longest product life, best performance, and safe operation. Avoid the use of bedding materials, which retain heat, absorb water and urine, or may support a flame if the power cord is accidentally damaged by the animals.



Heat pads are safely high-pressure washed, brushed, scraped and immersed in water or disinfectant. Dry heat pads thoroughly after washing. Maintain dry operating conditions. Stanfield heat pads are water-resistant, but continuous exposure to moisture or urine may lead to early product failure.

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