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SureGrow 100
SureGrow 100, 100 ct. Tablets
SureGrow 100, 100 ct. Tablets

SureGrow 100 is a nutritional supplement formulated to promote optimal bone development in puppies during the period of rapid growth. Developed by a veterinarian, SureGrow 100's unique formulation of calcium and phosphorus is a Trophy Animal Health exclusive. Reports indicate that SureGrow 100 may be beneficial in dogs prone to hip displasia, cow hocking, bandy legging, lowered pasterns, rickets and poor ligament growth by supplying essential calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3. This nutritional supplement is also recommended for pregnant and lactating bitches.

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127-TAHCSG100 SureGrow 100 100ct bottle
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127-TAHCSG100b SureGrow 100 100ct bottle 12ct case
$ 116.95
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SureGrow 100?
Developed by Dr. Owen Thompson, DVM, SureGrow 100 is a nutritional supplement supplying additional calcium and phosphorus with vitamins A and D for puppies of all breeds during the period of rapid growth.

What is so unique about SureGrow 100?
SureGrow 100 contains a unique balance of calcium and water-soluble phosphorus.

How long has SureGrow 100 been available?
Trophy Animal Health Care began marketing SureGrow 100 in January of 1984. The product had been marketed 5 years previously to veterinarians with a great deal of success.

When and how long should I continue to supplement with SureGrow 100?
SureGrow 100 may be given when the puppy is able to eat solid food. This is normally around 4 to 6 weeks. Each particular breed of canine may have different bone growth development periods of maturity. We suggest large breed dogs continue supplementing with SureGrow 100 for 18 to 24 months. Smaller breed dogs because of accelerated metabolism may only need to continue for 9 months to a year. It is important, especially when a bone growth problem exists, that SureGrow 100 be continued through the growth period. Often, the SureGrow 100 supplements are discontinued when the growth problem disappears, sometimes after only a few weeks. However, if the supplement is discontinued too soon, the same problem may re-occur within a short period of time.

I understand that too much calcium is extremely detrimental to bone growth development?
This statement has merit. Straight calcium supplementation may be more harmful than beneficial. SureGrow 100 also contains water soluble phosphorus combined with vitamins D3 and A. Vitamin D3 helps to metabolize the calcium and phosphorus; vitamin A is recommended to help prevent blindness and is necessary for normal bone growth. An ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio is 1 to 1. SureGrow has a 0.85 to 1 calcium to phosphorus ration. Calcium in most foods contains a higher ratio of calcium than phosphorus. When supplementing with SureGrow100, you maintain an even balance.

I don't have a large breed dog. Do I need to supplement my small dog with SureGrow 100?
Many smaller dogs, due to excessive jumping and playing, put excessive stress on bones, tendons and ligaments. SureGrow 100 strengthens bones, tendons and ligaments, helping to prevent future growth problems.

I have been assured that the food I am feeding my dog is nutritionally complete. Why do I need to supplement my dog with SureGrow 100?
Great strides have been made concerning nutrition in the majority of canine foods, whether they are in a dry, moist, or wet form. However, the canine can not consume an adequate amount of food to supply sufficient calcium and phosphorus for bone growth needs. Also, there are several different forms of calcium and phosphorus. Many of the forms used in food production are not as readily absorbable as the calcium and phosphorus contained in SureGrow 100.

Extended Information:
SureGrow 100 Dosage
Recommended throughout the dog's growing period.
Weight Dosage
5-15 ˝ tab, twice daily
16-30 1 tab, twice daily
31-60 1 ˝ tabs, twice daily
61-100 2 tabs, twice daily

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