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Chlorhexidine Max 4% Shampoo Max Chlorhexidine 4% Shampoo Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo
For moderate to severe conditions associated with bacteria, fungi, ringworm and yeast. A broad spectrum antibacterial shampoo formulated with chlorhexidine for maximum effectiveness.
• Fights skin infections caused by bacteria, fungus and yeast
• Provides relief for pets with uncomfortable skin conditions
• Deep cleansing formula yet gentle for pets with sensitive skin
• For dogs, cats and horses
• Active ingredient: Chlorhexidine 4.0%
Three Point Enzyme System helps destroy bacteria and fungi which cause skin infections. Pure and
Zymox Enzymatic Rinse Micro Pearls Advantage (MPA) Seba-Hex Shampoo Malaseb Shampoo
Three Point Enzyme System helps destroy bacteria and fungi which cause skin infections. Pure and A unique formulation of antibacterial and antifungal agents with coat conditioners for optimal therapeutic effectiveness. The fragrance-free shampoo base descales and degreases the hair coat without stripping. Indicated for dermatological conditions associated with
Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Flush Epi-ClO2 Shampoo EQUISHIELD CK SHAMPOO
Epi-ClO2 Shampoo 32oz
Our Price: $34.99
Mal-A-Ket Plus TrizEDTA Flush is a .15% Ketoconazole and .15% chlorhexidene in a TrizEDTA base that is designed for enhanced antimicrobial activity in dogs, cats and horses. An ideal cleansing solution for use with infections responsive to Ketoconazole and Chlorhexidene, Epi-CLO2 Shampoo Deodorizes and soothes the skin while relieving itching and scratching. Epi-CLO2 Shampoo also removes dandruff and excess oils. EquiShield CK Medicated Shampoo, by Kinetic Technologies, is an antibacterial and antifungal medicated shampoo in a synergistic base that offers deep cleansing and deodorizing properties with premium lathering action. For use in the management of fungal skin conditions
TrizCHLOR 4HC Shampoo and Spray
TrizCHLOR 4 Shampoo, by Dechra Veterinary Products, is formulated for support of healthy skin in dogs, cats and horses with conditions responsive to chlorhexidene.

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