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Hay Ball with Bell Oxbow Botanical Hay Bonide Stump-Out 1lb
Hay Ball with Bell
List Price: $4.95
Our Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.99
You save $1.96!
Oxbow Botanical Hay 15 oz.
List Price: $6.95
Our Price: $4.99
Sale Price: $4.99
You save $1.96!
Bonide Stump-Out 1lb
Our Price: $4.99
The all metal powder coated Chew Proof Hay Ball easily clips to any cage. The Hay Ball reduces wasted food and helps keep the cage clean. It has a fun buffet bell and is available in a Without a little variety in any diet, mealtime can get boring. Oxbow’s Botanical Hay is a flavor-packed hay with extra personality. This enticing blend unites Western Timothy Hay

The Bonide Products 1 lb. Ready-to Use Stump-Out is great for a do-it-yourself stump removal project. It works in 4-6 weeks and requires no digging or chopping. It prevents re-sprouting of stumps.

  • Accelerates the decomposition of a tree stump for easier removal
  • Works in 4 - 6 weeks
  • Treats 1 average-size stump
  • Apply dry granules directly to exposed stump
  • No digging or chopping necessary
Pure Alfalfa Hay-Kob Hay Feeder with Free Salt Lick Oxbow Bunny Basics/T
Pure Alfalfa Hay-Kob 24 oz.
List Price: $8.95
Our Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $5.99
You save $2.96!
Hay Feeder with Free Salt Lick
List Price: $8.95
Our Price: $6.99
Sale Price: $6.99
You save $1.96!
Oxbow Bunny Basics/T 10 lbs.
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $17.99
You save $1.96!
The high protein and nutritious content of this superior product promotes vigorous health and glossy coat. The natural fiber roughage aids digestion and helps maintain healthy teeth. Our Chew Proof Hay Feeder is made of sturdy powder coated wire and features a safe locking lid. This Hay Feeder hangs easily on any cage. All rabbits need high fiber to keep their digestive systems working properly, plus basic vitamins and minerals to maximize their health. The “T” stands for timothy grass. Bunny
Bonide Weed Beater Plus Crabgrass and Broadleaf Weed Killer 32 oz. Spray Oxbow Western Timothy Grass
Contact and systemic action. Kills grassy and broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, clover, chickweed, oxalis, dollarweed, spurge, foxtail and over 200 others. Not recommended for St. Augustine or Centipede grass type turf. RTS treats 6,600 sq. ft. Looking for a good, basic grass hay with high quality nutrition, and a fresh fragrance that’s irresistible to small herbivores? Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is the ideal long-strand

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