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Bluelite Calf Entrolyte H.E. 178gm Bluelite Swine
Entrolyte H.E. 178gm
List Price: $8.89
Our Price: $5.49
Sale Price: $5.49
You save $3.40!
A multiple energy acidified electrolyte formula for calves prior to weaning. Enhances milk digestion Entrolyte H.E., by Pfizer, is formulated to achieve maximum fluid absorption plus provide more energy than any other commercial rehydration formula. For calves, mix 1 BlueLite Swine Formula is an acidified electrolyte and energy source.  When added to the water it can
Bovine Bluelite Epic Calf Electrolyte Bovine Bluelite
Bovine Bluelite Capsules 50ct
List Price: $48.98
Our Price: $45.15
Sale Price: $45.15
You save $3.83!
BOVINE BLUELITEŽ is a proven rehydration shrink recovery formula for dairy cows. Administer to cows EPIC Calf Electrolyte,  by Bioniche, is an oral electrolyte and egg protein powder nutritional supplement for calves. Contains immunoglobulins and immune co-factors present in whole egg as a result of hyperimmunizing laying hens with those pathogens of most importance to Bovine Bluelite Capsules are formulated for beef and dairy cattle to combat shrink and dehydration.
RE-SORB Bluelite 2 Liquid Electrolyte
Blue2 - Swine 2.5Ga
List Price: $54.95
Our Price: $52.25
Sale Price: $52.25
You save $2.70!
Re-Sorb is a readily absorbed source of fluids and electrolytes. A palatable, acidified high density liquid energy and electrolyte source, Blue2 increases water intake,

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