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CalPlus Solution Inj Vitamin C Injectable Ceftiflex
Parenteral solution for intravenous use in cattle to treat milk fever, and to treat calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and glucose deficiency in cattle, horses and sheep. Contains calcium borogluconate, dextrose, magnesium borogluconate, calcium hypophosphite and base. Vitamin C Injectable is for use as a supplement of vitamin C in cattle, horses, sheep, swine, dogs and cats. Administer IM. Each mL contains 250 mg Sodium Ascorbate. CEFTIFLEX® (ceftiofur sodium sterile powder) contains the sodium salt of ceftiofur which is a broad spectrum cephalosporin antibiotic active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including β-lactamase-producing strains. Like other cephalosporins, ceftiofur is bactericidal in vitro, resulting from inhibition of cell wall synthesis. Each mL of the reconstituted drug contains ceftiofur sodium equivalent to 50 mg ceftiofur. The pH was adjusted with sodium hydroxide and monobasic potassium phosphate.

**Water Not Included**


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