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OTOMITE PLUS QuadraClear Ear Drops KlearOtic Ear Cleanser 4oz
Otomite Plus 1/2oz
Our Price: $8.99
QuadraClear Ear Drops (.5oz)
List Price: $13.99
Our Price: $11.29
Sale Price: $11.29
You save $2.70!
KlearOtic Ear Cleanser 4oz
List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $11.49
Sale Price: $11.49
You save $5.46!
Eliminates ear mites without irritation. OTOMITE PLUS contains double synergized pyrethrins in an olive oil vehicle which QuadraClear is recommended to promote ear health and maintain a natural flora balance in the ears of dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. It may aid in limiting discomfort associated with overgrowth of bacteria, fungus, and yeast. Contains a natural insecticide for mite control. KlearOtic Ear Cleanser (22% Squalene), by Dechra Veterinary Products, is a gentle, non-irritating, de-waxing and deep-cleaning ceruminolytic may be used as a general
MAXI/GUARD ZN 4.5 OTIC Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment 1oz Ear Curette Set
Maxi/Guard ZN 4.5 OTIC
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $13.99
Sale Price: $13.99
You save $5.96!
Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment 1oz
List Price: $15.95
Our Price: $13.99
Sale Price: $13.99
You save $1.96!
Ear Curette Set
List Price: $16.50
Our Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $14.99
You save $1.51!
Ear care topical. Ear Mite treatment for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and rabbits that kills ear mites and ear ticks, aids in Set of three malleable, soft, atraumatic material ear curettes. The three designs are scoop, mini loop,
CERUMENE LIQUID Cameo Otic Oti-Clens 4oz
Cameo Otic 2.5ml 8ct
Our Price: $26.99
Oti-Clens 4oz 12ct
List Price: $144.95
Our Price: $128.99
Sale Price: $128.99
You save $15.96!
CERUMENE Ear Cleaning Liquid for Dogs And Cats may be used prior to otic medication or as part of a complete grooming Indicated for the control of malodorous ear discharges and exudates associated with certain bacteria and yeast (Otitis Externa): Pseudomonoas (bacteria), Staphylococcus (bacteria) and Malassezia (yeast). By controlling bacteria and yeast, CAMEO controls the malodorous discharge that can cause secondary symptoms, such as redness, pain, itching, odor, etc. Ingredients are all natural, antibiotic and corticosteroid-free which allows use on long-term chronic cases as there are no resistance concerns. Dosing is once weekly. OTI-CLENS is a nontoxic, ear-cleaning agent for use in dogs and cats. Routine use helps maintain good

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