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Test Strip Glucose Vetstix 11SG Urinalysis Reagent Strips Test Strip BUN Reagent
Test Strip Glucose 100ct
List Price: $14.29
Our Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $12.99
You save $1.30!
Glucose-Only Test Strip. Suggested for monitoring diabetic cases. Vetstix-11 includes improvements and features designed specifically to provide reliable urinalysis results for veterinary practices and laboratories and offer diagnostic reliability.

• Shelf-life of all analytes is 30 months as opposed to 24 months.

• Specific Gravity is reliably determined to values of 1.07 as opposed to 1.06. Adequate renal concentrating capacity in dogs or cats can be determined making it a more reliable vet tool.

• Stable glucose chemistry pads allow reliable results for the full 30 month shelf-life of the product. High glucose values indicative of diabetic conditions will not be missed.

• Erroneous reductions in pH are avoided with Vetstix-11 strips. Incorporated strip technology helps prevent runoff of chemistry into neighboring pads. To prevent any chance that runoff from the highly acidic protein test pads can cause incorrect reduction in pH results, the Vetstix-11 strips are placed in a safe position - two test pads removed from the protein pad.

• Vetstix-11 reliably detects the presence of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in urine often present from supplemented feeds and vitamin supplements. Ascorbate has been shown to give under value or false negative glucose results with urine ascorbate levels of only 25mg/dl. Ascorbate may also affect Bilirubin, Nitrite, Blood, Leukocyte and Urobilinogen levels. Vetstix-11 insures that your clinical judgment is best served when the value of Vitamin C in urine is reliably known.
Vet-BUN Blood Reagent Test Strip. These sensitive color-coded test strips use one drop of whole blood.
Ovassay Plus Kit, 50 Tests Fungassay, 10 Tests Ovassay Plus System, 50 Tests
Ovassay Plus 50 Tests
Our Price: $66.99
Fungassay, 10 Tests
Our Price: $86.99
OVASSAY Plus Fecal Flotation System is the easiest and most accurate in-clinic method for identifying FUNGASSAY Dermatophyte Test Medium is a culture medium that provides the veterinarian with a OVASSAY Plus Fecal Flotation System is the easiest and most accurate in-clinic method for identifying
VetScan Rapid Test Lyme (Canine) VetScan Rapid Test Anaplasma (Canine) Witness Relaxin Test Kit 5ct.
The first and only single rapid test on the market to provide qualitative detection of Borrelia burgdorferi in canine whole blood, serum or plasma. Fast (provides results in 8 minutes) and easy to use, with two easy steps (just add sample and buffer). Requires no refrigeration. The VetScan Canine Lyme Rapid Test delivers quality that is equal to or better than other in-office lateral flow devices:
Sensitivity: 100% (95% Cl, 96.3%-100%); n=100
Specificity: 100% (95% Cl, 92.9%-100%); n=50
The Abaxis Canine Anaplasma Rapid Test is a highly sensitive and specific test for the detection of antibodies to A. phagocytophilum and/or A. platys
in canine whole blood, serum, or plasma. Each test is provided with a
simple, easy-to-use sample dilution device and provides results in only
10 minutes. Room temperature storage.
Early detection of planned or unplanned pregnancy.
Squeeze Test - Fecal Analysis 50ct Titer Chek CDV/CPV Test
Squeeze Test - Fecal Analysis, by JorVet, is a fecal analysis or collection and transport container for clients or staff. Use for small animals and large animal quantitative TiterCHEK CDV/CPV is an ELISA based assay used for the determination of antibody levels to Canine

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