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Specialist 100 is made of soft, 100% cotton material that feathers and self-bonds to create a smooth undercast VetOne cadaver bags, now manufactured by Ag-Tek, are reformulated to be stronger than ever. These heavy-duty Anesthesia Mask with low dead space, clear plexiglas masks with black rubber diaphragm for comfort and seal.
Hall's Anesthesia Mask Penetrex Self-Sealing Bottle Closures 3-pack IV BURETTE SET
Penetrex Self-Sealing Bottle Closures 3-pack
List Price: $5.99
Our Price: $3.99
Sale Price: $3.99
You save $2.00!
IV Burette Set
Our Price: $3.99
Hall's Anesthesia Mask. Soft, malleable black rubber. This mask will conform to the animal's muzzle shape, allowing a custom fit. Standard 15mm connection to Penetrex Self-Sealing Bottle Closures ensure safer and more accurate dosing of oral medications. The patented self- This IV is for small precise volumes that can be accurately measured out in calibrated burette versus 1,000ml IV-fluid
INSTRUMENT SPRAY LUBRICANT Nasal Cannula 7' 4pk Spray Wash Bottle
Nasal Cannula 7' 4pk
Our Price: $10.99
This is a convenient, ready-to-use spray lubricant that is specially formulated to protect and extend the working life of This clear tubing delivers oxygen via small plastic tubing to two outlets designed to lay just outside the nasal flares. Nasal Cannula comes with universal female Spray Wash Bottle that are have a fine-needle stream. Made of clear polyethylene.
INSTRUMENT STAIN REMOVER/POLISHER Oxygen Tubing 25' 2 pk Humidifier
Oxygen Tubing 25' 2 pk
Our Price: $13.95
Our Price: $14.99
This powdered cleaner and polisher reconditions stainless steel, chrome, nickel, brass, copper and Clear plastic with universal female connectors that can connect to DISS male fittings. 25'. 2 pk. Humidifier is a device that works by oxygen bubbling through a diffuser in a fluid.
Chew-Guard Spray Enzyme Foam Spray Instrument Cleaner Cat Restraint Bag
Chew-Guard Spray 4 oz.
List Price: $22.95
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $17.49
You save $5.46!
Chew-Guard Spray is a highly concentrated exclusive formula for preventing chewing in dogs and cats. These naturally working ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and will not blister or burn. Chew-Guard This fast-acting, super-foaming spray cleaner starts cleaning immediately upon contact for ultra-fast, efficient removal Cat Restraint Bag are nylon bags designed for proper restraint of fractious cats. The Cat Restraint Bag offers 2-way zippers running full length over back for either
Manual & Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner i-Warm IV Fluid Warmer
i-Warm IV Fluid Warmer
Our Price: $484.12
This concentrated, neutral-pH liquid detergent is specifically intended for manual and ultrasonic cleaning of surgical This lightweight, portable device reduces surgery prep time and increases patient comfort by quickly bringing the

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